The Heart of Bethany is one important way we are reaching out into our community.  

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The Heart of Bethany

With a desire for a thriving and unified community, the Heart of Bethany is committed to deepening our town wide sense of place and belonging by inviting new connections through meaningful gatherings, shared resources and neighborly service.

The Heart of Bethany is a team of people from the Clark Memorial Library, the churches of Bethany, the Bethany town hall, the Bethany Community School and other community organizations that have come together to address the growing isolation in our society and and how that is impacting our own neighborhood. The group is trying on some new ideas and conducting “experiments of connection” all around town that are hoped to strengthen the bonds of our community life and engage more people both civiclly and civilly. Our aim is to connect people, regardless of their age, how long they’ve lived in town, political leanings, religious beliefs or any other potentially polarizing label. We are all at the Heart of Bethany! 

Our next event: 

Imagine the entire town of Bethany - individuals, organizations, businesses and groups - all coming together to do something good for our town.  Well, the Heart of Bethany brought the entire community together around a Rid Litter Day on April 2016.

If you would like to help the Heart of Bethany collaboration bring our community closer, please come to our next meeting at the Clark Library.

Heart of Bethany Meetings at the Clark Library:

              First Tuesday of every month at 10AM

 If you have questions, please contact Melissa at the Clark Library, or speak Cate Horton at church.

For continuing info, you can visit the Heart of Bethany Facebook page.