Camp Washington Sunday

On Sunday, April 10, we will have a special guest from Camp Washington, the camp and conference center of the Episcopal Church in CT, at both of our services.  Come hear moving stories of the life changing experiences children, teens - and adults - have at "our place in Morris."  This would be a great Sunday to ask questions about camp if you or someone you know is interested in trying it this summer.  Then, later in the day, Elsa is headed up to Camp Washington to lead the "Second Sunday" gathering.  Her topic is Deepening Your Life of Prayer with Anglican Prayer Beads.


Deepening Your Life of Prayer

with Anglican Prayer Beads

Have you ever found yourself getting distracted while trying to pray?  Or thinking about your grocery list instead of the people you intended to pray for?  Or maybe your mind just keeps wandering when you try to center yourself in meditation?   

There is an ancient and effective tool you can use to help you be more present for your own prayer time - even when you only have a few minutes to pray.  Join Elsa Worth, the rector of Christ Church in Bethany, to learn about Anglican Prayer beads and the many ways they can be used to deepen your prayer life.  They give you something to literally hold on to as you devote whatever window of time you have to prayer.

Elsa will explain the difference between Anglican prayer beads and the perhaps better known Roman Catholic Rosary, she will make many suggestions on ways Anglican prayer beads can be used and will invite participants to create ways of their own.  There will even be an opportunity to learn how to make your own string of knotted prayer beads from simple nylon cord.


Camp Washington's Website is HERE