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The Book Discussion Group consists of parishioners and people in the community who enjoy reading and discussing books.  We began about eight years ago, meet bi-weekly on Monday evenings, and our membership varies from eight to fourteen enthusiasts.  As we are finishing one book, we choose the next book to read.  Generally the books are religious in tone, or nonfiction about some current event, or have a moral that speaks to us.  More recent books read include The Great Transformation and A History of God, both by Karen Armstrong, a current British author well-renown for her books on religion; An Evil Cradling an autobiography about the nearly five years as hostage of an Irish university teacher in Beirut, Lebanon;  Amish Grace about the shooting of Amish school children in Pennsylvania; People of the Book, a historical fiction tracing the journey of  the important Jewish book Sarajevo Haggadah from fifteenth-century Spain to twentieth-century Sarajevo; and God, you made all things for singing (a book of poems, anthems, and hymns by one of Christ Church’s parishioners. Thomas Troeger, a Yale University professor).  

Leadership of the Book Discussion group is shared by its members.  It is open to any interested person and is comfortable, but serious, in demeanor.   Its members usually bring refreshments and engage in lively discussion.  Sometimes, in our enthusiasm, we have strayed from the topic, and we laughed when one of our members said we should call ourselves the “Book Digression Group.”  We also like to think of ourselves as the “People of the Books.”

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