Bethany Prays for Peace

Christ Church invites you to join in a town-wide project for peace this fall.  All of Bethany is invited to fold cranes for peace both around the world and near to home.  Fold as many cranes as you like, and write a single word on the wing of your completed crane to signify who/what you are praying for.  All the cranes will be strung on strings and hung in the church for the Christmas Tree Lighting on December 6. After the cranes are exhibited at the church, they’ll move to the library, the Community School, and maybe even other Bethany locations throughout the winter. 

Opportunities to learn how to make a crane include:

  • Crane folding help at Billy's restaurant on Wednesday, Nov 11 from 3:30-5
  • Crane folding help at Clark Public Library on Tuesday, Nov 17 from 5-6:30pm
  • One of the "Praying for Peace" sessions in the church at 5:30 pm on Sunday, Nov 15, 22 or 29

Want to fold cranes on your own?

For the whole month of November, you can find origami paper, instructions and a collection basket for completed cranes at four different places around town:

Christ Church (in the main church building - to your left after you enter)

Clark Library

Billy's Ice Cream

The Bethany Community School

Come to any of these folding stations to make some cranes.  Or make them at home with any size origami paper and drop them off at one of these four places by November 28.  Organizations encouraged to have a crane folding session of your own to contribute a bunch of cranes.


Help will be needed with stringing and hanging on Nov 29 and/or 30,

so please contact Elsa HERE if you’d like to help. 


Want instructions on how to fold a crane? 

A great link to learn how to make a crane step by step out of any size piece of square origami paper: 





You can also view the video below for further clarification: