Come celebrate the most Spirit filled day of the church year on Pentecost Sunday, this year on May 15.  This is the day that we remember the Holy Spirit descending on the members of the early church "like tongues of fire." In honor of the Spirit, people wear red to church on Pentecost.  And because the reading from Acts tells the story of people hearing the good news spoken in their own language, it is a day when we read in multiple languages.  If you can read any foreign language aloud (you don't have to be fluent - just able to pronounce the words) please let Elsa know and she will give you a copy of the Acts reading in that language to read during the dramatic multi-lingual Acts reading.

Pentecost is also the day upon which we begin our summer schedule.  We move from having two services every Sunday to just one at 9:30.  This schedule will continue through Labor Day weekend.

So we'll see you on Pentecost at 9:30!