The traditional thing on Shrove Tuesday at an Episcopal Church is a pancake supper.  Well, that's not the way we roll...

Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Pig Out Potluck Supper!

Shrove Tuesday, the day before Lent (also known as Fat Tuesday) is the day to use up all your butter, sugar, white flour and all the other fattening luxuries that many refrain from eating during the introspective season of Lent. The most traditional Anglican thing to do on Shrove Tuesday is to have a big pancake supper, as experience has shown that pancakes are a great way to use up all your butter, sugar and white flour, and because you can easily pack a way a few dozen pancakes per person!  

We've jazzed up the whole tradition up a bit and spread out the responsibility for providing the vittles by having a Fat Tuesday Pig Out Potluck, complete with your
favorite and most decadent dishes of all kinds.  Before we become appropriately austere for the Lenten season, we'll have our own Christ Church Mardi Gras on Shrove Tuesday.  The feast will begin at 6:30.  No fancy set up - we'll just pull out tables and dishware as we arrive.  Please come a little early if you can to set up tables.  Costumes, beads and boas are optional.

Stay for a simple "burning bowl" ceremony afterward at which you write down something you wish to let go of for Lent and burn the paper.

Shrove Tuesday 2016 - Tuesday, February 9


Dinner is served at 6:30!