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Education for Ministry


At baptism, every Christian receives a call to Christ’s ministry.  In responding to that call, people may think, “I don’t know enough about the Bible, or theology or church history!”  Education for Ministry is a theological education program for laypersons.  It provides the basics of a theological education in order to develop knowledge and confidence about the ministry we all share.  Participants commit one year at a time to meet weekly and complete the program over four years.  There’s plenty to read and think about, but there are no exams or tests or papers to write!


If you would like to know more about this program, in which over 84,000 people have participated, go to their website: and contact the group's facilitator, Merle Marie Troeger.


EfM at Christ Church meets on Thursday evenings.

526 Amity Road, Bethany, CT   203-393-3399

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