Chapel on the Green - Sunday, June 26


Join us as we take our turn hosting the weekly Chapel on the Green service in New Haven on Sunday June 26.  We will prepare bag lunches for 200 and bring them down to give away, and will also worship on the green with others.  We'll be putting the bag lunches together at Christ Church at 11AM on Sunday (perfect for those who'd like to pitch in right after our service.)  Then we'll take our supplies down to New Haven to put the finishing touches on the meat sandwiches in Trinity's approved kitchen at 1:00 and will worship outside on the green at 2.  This event happens outside every week regardless of weather.  We'd love to bring a lot of folks along for worship, so feel free to choose the 2pm liturgy as your church for the day.  If you'd like to help or would like further information, contact Christy Chandler.